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So randomly my truck decided to throw a code while at work and went into limp mode. Putting it into reverse and drive made a nasty clunk noise. I looked it up on the cts and it just gave me the P0700, tried to clear it but just popped right back.

So I took it to the Firestone right by me and had them just do a quick code read and he said it popped up with 11 different codes but only gave me the following 5:

U1000- lost comm with ecm/pcm
U1016- lost comm with pcm/ecm
P0840- pressure switch c circuit malfunction
P0700- tcm requested mil illumination or transmission control performance
P0842- pressure switch c circuit low/stuck closed.

Wanted to look further into it before forking over what probably would have costed a few pay checks so I limped all the way home (causing major traffic btw).

Decided to check with my efi autocal, which also gave me the following:

PCM 0700
ABS C0035
TCM P0840
HVAC yDS B0229
TCM P0842

I tried clearing it, came back again, then decided to take out the EGR BLOCK plate I put in a few weeks ago. Drove around for a bit in limp, then tried to clear the codes one last time with the autocal, shut it down and it worked. Drove around and the CEL never popped back up.

I have NO idea what's going on lol anybody have any clues??

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