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Colorado Dmax Meet and Cruise!

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Hey guys sorry for such of a short notice but this weekend were going to be meeting up in Fort Collins this Saturday the 13th for a get togther and a little cruise after some food, drinks, and maybe some pictues at Vanworks Autoplex. (900 E Lincoln). I posted up a thread on DP so hopefully we can get some guys from there too!

On weekend nights theres always a good diesel truck crowd that goes out and cruises. Lots of Powestrokes, but even more Cummins that come out!! Its always pretty fun going out and most guys are pretty friendly once you get to talking to them. So were just going to rep the Duramax on Saturday in Fort Collins!

Meeting time is at 7pm. If you have anyother questions let us know!

Heres the full adress of our meeting location:
900 Easy Lincoln ave.
Fort Collins CO, 80524

Should be alot of fun :rockin

-Steve (xKILLORADOx)
-Blake (DIRTY TO THE MAX 08)
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I'll go. Likewise on the time, just let us know.
Oooh! I'm totally for the whole lighting for pics idea!
Hey, hvy cvy one, are those the hummer rims with gmc hub caps?
I'm going to try to... something scares me about "cruising" though. The big man upstairs knows I can't get another speeding ticket :rof I'm getting my EFI tonight though :hyper
As long as I get my work done Saturday, I'll come :D You all decided on 7?
Cool, just wondering about the rims. My dad wants to do that to his 07. I'll show him your pic so he gets an idea :D

EFI actually fell through last night, not getting it until Sunday now :eek: I was really excited to have it for Foco but now I won't.
I know, that's what I keep telling myself! Be patient! LOL
But, I was sure itching to have it for Saturday :rof
Where you all plan to meet? Not lookin like many are going...
So, by "pregaming it" I assume you guys are not going to participate in the event :eek:
Sweet! Me too :D
1 - 9 of 169 Posts
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