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Colorado Dmax Meet and Cruise!

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Hey guys sorry for such of a short notice but this weekend were going to be meeting up in Fort Collins this Saturday the 13th for a get togther and a little cruise after some food, drinks, and maybe some pictues at Vanworks Autoplex. (900 E Lincoln). I posted up a thread on DP so hopefully we can get some guys from there too!

On weekend nights theres always a good diesel truck crowd that goes out and cruises. Lots of Powestrokes, but even more Cummins that come out!! Its always pretty fun going out and most guys are pretty friendly once you get to talking to them. So were just going to rep the Duramax on Saturday in Fort Collins!

Meeting time is at 7pm. If you have anyother questions let us know!

Heres the full adress of our meeting location:
900 Easy Lincoln ave.
Fort Collins CO, 80524

Should be alot of fun :rockin

-Steve (xKILLORADOx)
-Blake (DIRTY TO THE MAX 08)
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send your kid to a friends house... unless your kid is really young that wont work...
lol shes 9months old
lol dont have any friends up here neways..dont know anyone really up here..just moved to lakewood about 6months ago

bring her!
maybe your girl well enjoy making fun of cummaparts and powerjokes... :rof

haha she allready does make fun of em lol..but i heard if you get cought street racing with an infant in the truck its a felony

damn well we never speed or race on these nights.... there are so many fucking cops you are guaranteed to get caught

we just drive slow in front of the cummins and powerstrokes and occasionally smoke them.
hahaha fuckin cops..ruin theres some pretty gay cumaparts and powerjokes there?
you have never seen this many diesels before go up and down the same street over and over again.... it sounds boring but i enjoyed the hell out of it laughing the whole time!
Well until i had my little encounter with the police, sometimes we get some small pulls in with these guys.

But yeah theres a butt load of diesels out, and ricers too
ya man fun shit i am not taking the risk of racing though.... no way
yeah just blow some smoke on them every so often and ill have my stack on by then too!! :D
nice! my gauges are going in tomorrow and i will have my tie rod sleeves on and i will have my bumpers painted
What are you doing your bumpers with? im thinking about doing that too but idk what to use and a little scared to do it too
i did it on my last truck... its easy.

you just do some sanding on the chrome... tape off the painted area of your truck around the bumper...

few coats of primer...

then like 3 coats of indoor outdoor rustoleum metal paint... and a few coats of clear.... very easy.

im painting them and the entire grill including the silver piece that goes all the way across black!
Dang Ill be excited to see it! I might have you help me do mine if i decide to. Im gonna paint my boetie tomorrow i think tho
nice ya i am excited to see how my truck looks after.

Something like that?

I think that looks good
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your truck looks sweet man heres a pic i took on sunday of mine

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or is that your truck??? lol
lol no that not my truck, its spareprtsracing's
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