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Common sense or not.

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What sense does it make to install a performance chip without first installing gauges to monitor engine functions. Does the installation of a larger exhaust system solve the problem of high EGT if you stay in the lower ranges of hp and torque. It would seem that the protection of the engine and transmission would be the first consideration when adding performance enhancing features. But then again, I'm old and probably worry too much. Besides I've had too much coffee this morning.
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IMO I would not run any more than a 60 RWHP tune with out a egt gauge. YOu can run higher hp if you can control yourself to only get into it for a few seconds at a time, but a egt gauge is still recomended.

The only time i even look at my gauge in either truck is when towing, other than that it has seen many 1500* passes down the drag strip!!
Now we are getting somewhere. It sounds like to me that with the lower level or two on most of the popular chips that you don't really have to worry about EGT. Most of the chips I'm looking at offer a tow mode of about 40 or 50 horsepower designed for towing. Most of the time I would never worry about EGT but the few times I tow over a mountain pass and keep my foot in it for several minutes, the last thing I want is to warp one of those aluminum heads. I already did that on an 8V92-TA and it nearly broke me. Thanks for the reply and maybe I'll get it figured out before too long.
I agree the more info you can get from the motor at any time the better. Even towing a small load or having a small HP tune your gonna start getting the numbers up there. Personally, I had gauges in my truck before I bought a programmer. :D

to be honest i've been runnin my 06 LBZ with out gauges and have been runnin it on a 100hp setting but i do have a 5" exhaust and when that same exhaust was on my 05 LLY(it now has a dual 4" exhaust)it would hardly ever see 1200* even when towing but i wouldn't recommend doing that but if i add any more hp or do any heavy towing i'll have to have gauges..
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