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People generally come to forums looking for help to solve their problems..or for performance upgrade help.
So you are only seeing a smalllllll group of people compared to all of the Duramaxs sold!

I believe all the Cummins Dodges are assembled in Mexico and put on a train to the US.

LB7 Trucks are available with a manual transmission...its just that not many Manuals are sold comapred to the Allison Auto.

Did A Dura Do Dat said:
No matter how good the GM duramax engines are, i'll never buy a heavy duty truck with an independent front end....especially with the added weight of a diesel over the top of it. I'm not saying it's not a bad supsension or weak by any means, but come's a truck, and if you want it to ride like a car put a car suspension on it and see how it holds up.
The IFS is a stout setup I run it with a 9' Fisher problems. I prefer the softer ride the IFS provides..but it also can handle the weight when I need it to. :beer
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