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Cool Duals

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Does anyone have a pic of their truck with the MBRP cool duals on it? Or any other dual setup that is similar to the MBRP.
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i have a dual 4" silverline turbo back exhaust.i'll put it this way,that is the first exhaust i put on my truck to get as many compliments as i did,and they sound if i could get dual 5" i would they sound better yet.
how much louder is the single 5'' compared to the 4" duals?

the single 5 inch is the best way to go... the duals are SIMPLY for looks, the functionality is no different. they are not "true duals" like you can do in a naturally aspirated engine without coming out of a turbo with one pipe. there is only one pipe until the muffler and then 2 outlets...
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on a scale 1 to 10 with 10 being the loudset.stock is at 1 the 4" is at 6 and the 5" is at 10.there isn't anything to compare it to,if i could give up my duals i would deffently switch to the 5".ps i have a 5" on my 06 lbz 2500HD and it sounds meaner then a 3rd genaration cummins with straights.
I'll get some picks of a Red 2006 2500 with duals. My customer is coming up from teh bay area for an oil change this weekend. That and a muffler removal. Too quiet for him. . . . .

Looks sexy though!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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