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Hello I just have a "Ease of Mind question" so I can get some sleep tonight.

My 2005 LLY currently has a Coolant leak somewhere on the left side of the engine. I noticed it 2 nights ago so I filled it up it didnt leak at all the first day / night another day passed and I go out to my truck and it randomly has a leak on it again (cold engine). My only question really is if there is a large amount of coolant making it to the ground can that rule out a head gasket problem? Or will coolant still go on the ground with those kind of issues?

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HG's only push coolant out the surge tank overflow tube, while running and underway.
Sleep tight. ;cuddle

Of course, if you're like me, now you'll be up all night wondering where the leak is coming from. Counting jugs of Dexcool tossed over the fence...meh, doesn't work either. :teehee

Left side 'sometimes' leak, after parked;
If it's forward....sorry, that's water pump weep hole territory. :|
Well, it's not that bad on the LLY, no fan cage to deal with like on later models.
And water pumps are cheap.

If that's what it is, Look for coolant residue around the weep hole.
You'll find the hole just behind where the lower hose attaches to the pump, which is to the driver's side of center front.

If the puddle is back towards the firewall driver's side, you've got the turbo coolant return line up top and the oil cooler is down low. But those usually leak while you're underway...and they don't come and go.


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