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Oh...... Squirrel!
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Bummer if its the head gasket.. Do you know how many miles are on it? Or just Kilometers.

How do you like the d-max as a wrecker? I own a couple 6.5 wreckers a 94 and 96.. Also a 94 Kodiak rollback. There awesome! I'd like to get a newer wrecker but the only thing I dont like is they dont come with 19.5 tires unless you get a Kodiak. I tow heavy loads somtimes so I just think it will sway or wont feel as sterdy.

I kinda want to get away from the 6.5 sometime thought so I might look into a used newer Kodiak with the dmax as long as they come down in price.. Im also looking toward a Chevron, Jerr-dan, or Century bed NON repo style. I bought a truck wit a no-mar bed with vulcan type L-arms and hate them!

My second option is a 99+ Ford with the 7.3 :eek:

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts