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2017 high country duramax, 64k on the clock. I have a few issues going in and could use the forum for some help.

My horn was intermittent when locking the truck with the fob, over a few weeks it would function/ then not. Finally it completely failed, also when pressing the horn in the truck its not functional. I need to understand if this is common, where the horns are located in my truck and what the common repair is for this situation. I did check my fuse and it is good.

Heated/ cooled seats, they work good when i manually turn then on, according to my dash computer heat and cool function is turned on with remote start.

But They do not turn on when remote started i have tested in 100+ and today at 26 degrees. is this a common issue and is there a repair, its getting cold here in new england, it was hot all summer
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