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I've had a CTS2 on my '05 for years, the ability to nuke codes sitting on the side of the road has been a lifesaver.
Alas, the '05 developed low compression on #8 last week, and after dumping $20K into that truck, i just couldn't justify any more.
So, i just bought a 2014, came with the DPF delete & a Bully Dog ... i hate the Bully Dog, it's not user friendly at all, & while the documentation says you can shift tunes on the fly & clear codes, i can't find out how to do either. I also don't like the instrumentation on the GT, way too small for old eyeballs to read.
Can i use the CTS2 on the 2014, even with the DPF delete? I've ordered an EGR & exhaust cooler delete kit as well, putting that in this week.
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