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My dash lights and radio now stay on with the door is opened. this is new as of last week.

I have done a lot of research on this, but have come up empty handed.

Back story:
I have installed a sound system in my truck - Kenwood double DIN radio, PAC 5 interface, some Rockford amps and the JL stealthbox in my center console. This problem did not start right after install.

Fast forward a week and a half - I spent some time tuning the amps, radio etc. I left the key in run mode but engine off for about 35 minutes, with a battery charger on 2 amp charge while I was fiddling with the radio and amps.

It wasn't until after this that I realized the dash lights and radio momentarily shut off when I open the door, but then come right back on. I pulled the radio out and unplugged the PAC 5 harness, as I read that can fry. Condition still exists.

I found that pulling the 10A TBC ACCY fuse in dash fuse block and it kills the power. I also stumbled across the headlight dome override switch if pushed in will kill the dash and radio lights.

I thought maybe my headlight switch was bad. Ordered another AC Delco switch.. same damn problem.

I have tested each door switch by opening the door, and the dome lights come on for each door. I also replaced the driver door latch about 3 months ago because that switch was flat out not working.. the radio would stay on with the door was opened. Now, it is different, because the dash lights and radio cut off momentarily, and them come back on.

I also find it weird that my key switch is very difficult to get it into accessory mode going backwards.. and when I do get it in there, the radio doesn't have power.

I bought this truck in May, so I do not have a long history with it.

What are your ideas on where to check on this pig?
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