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DAsh Lights????????

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Hey Guys

I have a question I am hoping you guys can help me with. I own a 2002,GMC 2500HD D/A C/C /SB. I recently had lost some dash lighting on the radio cluster as well as the buttons on the bottom of the heat/Ac controls. Those are the buttons that direct your air flow wether it's recir or fresh air as well as the buttons for the rear defrost. The dealer tells me that those entire units have to be replaced. They can't replace the lights anymore. Why the hell would GM do something as stupid as this other than trying to slam the consumer? Can you guys help me out here?

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It has been a few years but i have taken a radio apart and replaced some lights in it but it was not any fun at all. i dont think they are meant to be able to be changed but if you can find the bulbs andhave lots of patience and little tools you can do it! AS for the heater controls i have never tried but they look like a sealed unit to me?

Thanks for the reply Caleb. Just another way for the manufacturer to get you coming and going. I guess this is why they put the maps lights directly over the center control pod. So when they go out you have the option of paying them for a design screw up or use you map light to what station you want to select.:rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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