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Dead Duramax

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Hello there fellow Duramaxers - It's Christmas Eve and I'm in deep depression. My 02 GMC is sitting with fuel in the crankcase from the failed injectors. Heard there was an extended warranty for this problem. Anyone have any info about the warranty. Of course, the local dealer says it isn't covered. I would appreciate any and all info that I could use to persuade the dealer to handle this $6000 problem for me.
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I'm pretty sure the warrenty is for 200k are you over the miles? other than that i say it should be covered other than the deductable if your over 36k! may give another dealer a call to see what they say!!
Hi Big K. The truck has 139000 mi. Someone mentioned that GM issued a specific document for this condition. That's what I'm looking for. If the truck is repaired I'm going to park it until the Chevy 3500HD arrives this spring, then bye, bye, future problems with this one.
Here is the special policy:

Print it out and take it to your should cost you nothing at all to get the injectors changed.
Thank you so very much for the bulletin. This will ensure a quick repair of my truck. I can't thank you enough. Fred, The Concrete Man
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