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2017 2500HD LTZ

Went camping this weekend to wake up this morning and find out that a 3 foot long or so tree branch had fallen onto roof denting in 4 places. Biggest being about a golf ball size. This my pride and joy (has are yours I am sure) and I am very irritated to say the least.

I am reading in order to do a paint less dent repair that the head liner will need to come out. I am of course thinking that this'll not go back the way it is supposed to and something will gone wrong.

Does anyone have any experience with this or can offer up any suggestions please?

Thank you

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It doesn't come out.

The PDR (person) will just drop it down and hook on chains to various points, to use as a fulcrum pivot point for their different pry bar tools to force the dents back up. Followed by hours of 'tick' 'tick' 'tick' on the top side with a little tiny hammer, knocking the now outward dents, back down, and continue again....pushing out, pushing in, until all is well again.

No need to lose any sleep over's an easy fix. Once you get them to show up and start.

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Had hail damage repaired on hood, roof, and bed a few months back. Truck looks like nothing ever happened. Make sure you find someone that won鈥檛 cut corners repairing and you will be ok.

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