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I sent a request but no answer yyyyyyy just woundering really
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The Mods must feel that you would not be able to handle it:neener


I am sure one will get back to you soon:drink
i was just woundering why i cant be in there ..... my my my mommy said i was all grown up now
You have to join the DF lounge,you have to request it under your user CP,be 18 years of age and have 25+ posts....
i did that all ready last week
I did too I never got anything back I was just able to go in there after a couple of days.
oo its been a lot longer than a couple of days but its no biggie
Did you both get on? I checked and there were 2 awaiting confirmation. Neither of them were you. :rof

If your not then resubmit! Maybe a staff member hit "deny" by mistake :cool:

Sometimes we forget to check it.
I didn't check...Ya'll try it again.......Jason probably hit ''deny'' on you guys,I'm gonna talk to him!:D
i got it...he requested on the 6th of march :rolleyes:
Sometimes we forget to check it.
where do we check again???
i got it...he requested on the 6th of march :rolleyes:
under the the memberships.
thanks man..:drink
I know on some forums if you do not have your b-day in you profile they will not approve you
there are no current requests... the time I saw it someone approved ya...
hey i was just lost why i dident get approved it is all good now
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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