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2005 LLY, efi, 5 on fly, s&b mouth. New suspensi h20 pump thermo hydro&master steer pump fpr
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I planned on rebuilding the truck but not in three months but I’m getting close and it still will not start. One week after purchasing coolant leak from block heater started. I’m not a mechanic and this is my first diesel but i am Willing and able to take care of what’s mine. Replaced it and water pump was not far behind maybe 2 days after replaced it. Tie rod snapped wheel folded under truck replaced all front and rear suspension steering box down to lower A arm to rear shocks. Temp gauge stuck so i replaced sensor cluster on its way out i installed aftermarket gauge temporarily as i replaced thermostats. Finished them and drove truck trans shifted awful for first 5 min then no issue for 4 or 5 days then Mass air flow code showed, replaced it. Pulling around the shop to do some preventative maintenance eice and had to put in 4wd for first time it slammed hard when come out of P so i pulled in shop and went ahead with oil change air filter trans fluid just spin off and noticed power steering leak so i replaced it hydro and master and break lines. Reversed out of shop 20 foot and breaks locked down truck through a U0101 i manually released break and got it cranked when i shifted to D in slammed in gear and i had to give it all the fuel possible to hardly move into shop truck has not started since 3.5 weeks ago. New batteries fuel line FPR swap Have BMP lift pump cat fuel filter. I have a scan tool that i half ass know how to use so should i go with cp3 or start looking for electrical issues both are expensive FML rail pressure is only 229 and goes to 270 what try to crank
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