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Did I do harm to my T-case?

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Hey guys...question for you. I accidentally towed in 4-high for about 11 miles of highway this evening. 70 mph, towing roughly 5k. I was loading the hauler and needed 4wd for a second and forgot to take it off and go into 2wd. Was this bad? I dont think so, just seeing what you all thought. Truck has 39k miles, no known probs. Mods listed in my sig below.
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Probably not, I have driven around in 4 high for a while before.I actually had a 91 gmc I drove in 4 high for like 2 months because I broke the rear drive shaft. I still towed with it that way too.
I had a 2004 cc 2500hd gasser that I forgot to take out of 4wd twice on my way home from my hunting lease and drove 80 miles towing my ranger it didn't hurt anything but my mileage.
Haha funny story i did the same thing the length of my trip like an hour and a half drive. I used it to pull out of my friends lot and it had been raining that day so i put it in 4 high to pull the 5th wheel out of the mud. Yeah lets just say I forgot it was in until i got to my destination.
I'll check my fluids tomorrow and see that they are ok. I know Im just being paranoid...prob something almost everyone here has done at some time or another. I've been thinking of changing the front diff and t-case anyway, might just give me a reason to do it.
I have run mine in 4hi WOT, with over 500+ rwhp for 1/4 mile increments many times...still holding up. :cool::D
I have run mine in 4hi WOT, with over 500+ rwhp for 1/4 mile increments many times...still holding up. :cool::D
What are you saying?? Mines not 500rwhp? Haha, it is actully 426 RWHP. Yeah, I thought about all the racers and realized prob. a dumb question. :toilet
We have ran in 4 high for almost 700 miles at about 60mph in one trip due to icy roads. You'll be just fine, no worries.
If you drove 1000 miles Id change the fluid. Thats nothing for the 4wd. Your good :cool:

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