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Dim battery light anyone?????

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On my 03 I know there has been many many cluster issues with these things but typically the speedo or tach gets all screwed up. On mine I have 2 issues... #1 the shift indicator does not light up at all, and #2 the battery light is on very very dim even with the key out of the ignition. The alternator is charging fine at low and high rpm and the AC ripple withing range of acceptable. Anyone run into either of these issues and found out it was the cluster that went bad?
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I also have a stock 2003 gmc with the same problems, Faint battery light all the time with ignition on or off. also I have faint to no transmission lights. However if I smack the plexiglass the trans indicator will start to glow. anyway I just replaced the batterys and the battery light still stays on (faint). any thoughts on this subject would be great. Lately I've had alot of electrical grimlins such as My stereo loosing memory, personal seat settings going haywire, then last night my stereo had no sound, I thought the fuse to the amp went out but it worked great today???????? Is there a ground I need to look at or a possible loose connection??? or is the ECU going out???? thanks
I had a problem with the cluster, but I also had a problem with the glow plug module. My glow plug module died 2 months ago and I sold the truck so I never figured out what was the cause of the glow. I was told that if the module went bad then it could keep a ongoing current to one ore more plugs causing a faint glow on the cluster. Just something to think about.
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