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Dim battery light anyone?????

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On my 03 I know there has been many many cluster issues with these things but typically the speedo or tach gets all screwed up. On mine I have 2 issues... #1 the shift indicator does not light up at all, and #2 the battery light is on very very dim even with the key out of the ignition. The alternator is charging fine at low and high rpm and the AC ripple withing range of acceptable. Anyone run into either of these issues and found out it was the cluster that went bad?
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the guy that sold me truck recently changed the switch... not that that means the switch is good but who knows. I'll try one and see if it makes a difference. And the other issue, the battery light stays on alllllllll the time very very dim even with the key out of the ignition. The batterys both tested fine on my D-TAC snap on tester. They are AGM batteries so no cell test on them. I replaced the alternator because I wanted the 145 amp instead of the 105 amp and still no change. Connectors all look good. hmmmm any other thoughts?
no codes in any of the modules for anything at all. hmmmmmm???????
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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