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Gday all, hopefully this is in the right section.

I have an LBZ in a Nissan patrol and am thinking about going down the S475 over stock turbo track in the future and was wondering if anyone could tell me the approximate external dimensions LxWxH of an S475 so I can start working out how to get it to fit.
Also what size drive/feed pipe is a suitable size to run from the secondary to the primary turbo, 3" or 3.5".
What size dump pipe is best off the primary S475, 4" or 5".

I currently have 4" to the stock turbo and will adapt to that, but was wondering if it was worth running 5" out of the turbo and stepping it down to the 4".

Setup is mainly for DD and some towing duties. Will no doubt be the odd run down the track if they ever open it up here again.

Thanks in advance, hope to hear some opinions.
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