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Ok, for the month of August, we are doing 2 things.

First - Amsoil

Any Forum Member who orders $100 or more Amsoil products online or through me personally will be upgraded to Preferred Customer for FREE!! Thats a FREE one year Preferred Customer Membership. If you order online or by phone I will need you to PM me your order number. Orders can be place in the link in my Signature found in any of my posts, including this one!

Second - Gauges

Seeings how gauges are so necessary, and should be one of the first mods made, we will offer Autometer Gauges at unbeatable prices. Gauges, gauge pods, everything, every style. Too low to post, but I will also tell you that shipping will be free as well. Please call or PM for pricing!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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