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do i have a serious problem?

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ok heres the deal....i have an 06 the morning when i start her up she puts out a little white smoke and then eventually not too much after that it goes when i start the truck up in the morning the oil pressure goes to 60psi and then when the truck warms up when i let it idle the oil pressure goes back down to 30psi....but when i drive its back at 60psi is that bad? front end has a little bit of a clank in it when the tires are articulating and what not i can hear a little noise and feel it in the steering wheel....any help would be great thanks so much guys :help
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your oil PSI is fine
oil pressure is higher when cold because it cannot flow as fast untill it's hot.

when i get up to temp and all that my PSI is below 30 at idle...and when going about 65 it is just beloww 60
The clunk is the Intermediate Steering Shaft
ahh great thanks guys........ok whats the intermediate steering shaft? it hard to change?.....and how much approximatly?.....also whats the white smoke in the morning? thanks
if it is cold out it could just be how it does in the winter
How many miles are on your truck?
my truck has 95,000 miles
The white smoke is fuel. The intermediate shaft is cheap. I let the dealer do mine and it was only 120 bucks i think. Less than 1 hour labor.
ohh wow ok great thanks man i appreciate it
No problem.
If the smoke doesn't clear up when it gets warmer out or if it gets worse, I would have it checked out. Could be an injector going south.
yeah it does clear up but thanks man i appreciate it
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