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Hi All,
Just picked up a used Duramax. Early 2004 with 73K on it. nice shape, flew to TX to drive it home to WA. Have owned 2 Cummins Dodges, very happy with the engine, T/C and Axles; Trannys never let me down, but heard horror stories.

Went GM for the ride, cab room (crew cab, short bed) and Allison. Heard great things about the Duramax engine, but it's a different animal than that Cummins. Stock, it doesnt have as much snap as that Cummins did off the line.

After that drive home, I have two initial questions maybe some of you can shed some light on....

1) On the drive home from TX, I noticed a ticking under load (up hills, acceleration) that was engine speed dependant, much to me like an exhaust leak would in a gasoline engine.... Figured I'd start looking there..... Didnt sound like a rod or wrist pin, besides, at the pace I drove, the engine would have blown if it was one of those. :) By chance is it 'normal'? Im used to that loud Cummins design.

2) The oil pressure when warm @ idle is pretty low, but comes up right away when you throttle up (GM Gas engines have been this way forever, but I was wondering if its normal for the diesel since Isuzu actually makes it)

I've heard really good things about the edge with attidute setup for both power and economy gains, anyone got better ideas?

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