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So I am getting a clunk out of the front end and it seems to come from under my feet, wheel well area of the truck. It does not happen going over bumps. It only happens in low gears 1, 2 and 3 and only if I accelerate and let off the gas I get a clunk. So it seems like a lash issue in one of the components that only happens under high torque situations.

I am in 2wd in a 4wd truck. Stock suspension wheels and tire size except for bilstein shocks. I am leaning towards a bad CV joint but wanted some opinions of others who might has had a similar problem. It does not happen in higher gears only the lower gears when more torque is applied and then released. It also happens when going in reverse under the same conditions. Only recent change to the truck was an oil change 4 days ago and got a little oil on the control arm bushing under the oil filter.

Any feedback is appreciated.
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