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DSP with or with out V2

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Im am speaking with a tuner now and he suggested to save me a little money to just do a DSP. I personally would like to have the V2 so that I could scan in case I threw a code or something like this. Considering the shop is not just right around the conner.

Will a V2 tell me everything that I may need to know about my truck in case something goes wrong?

What would be another reason to get the V2 with the DSP? Beside doing my own tunes and scan.

Or should I just save my money and do a DSP?

Is there another scan tool that would do the same for me as the V2 that would be cheaper? As far as scanning, not writing tunes.

I would possibly like to do my own tunes but that would be after I learn how to use it. SO that may take a little while. This tuner said that he would change my tunes at anytime in the future to what I may need. And that seem pretty sweet and fair to me. Thanks for the input :drink
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as for scanning a decent scanner is like $100 and even tells you what the codes mean...dont waste the money if you dont plan on tuning but IMO the v2 is great to have n play around with plus makes changing tunes easier
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