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I put the system in today and full flashed the DSP tune. is a Kory tune. When I got home and logged it, I found out the switch position is not what I thought.

Full Counter Clockwise: 4.27v. Non DSP
1 click R: 2.92v, DSP#1
2 click R: 1.79v, DSP#2
3 click R: 1.02v, DSP#3
4 click R: 0.35v, DSP#4
5 click R: 4.97v, Non DSP

So which tune is what?

My initial impressions were. I'm not sure I like or don't like the tunes better than stock yet.

I like the better throttle response off idle. It almost feels like the stock tune makes more power than all of them, but is less responsive on bottom.
The stock tune seemed to hit harder at 2000rpm. The new tunes don't give that same impression, but its way to early and I'm going to dyno all this for facts anyway.

The DSP tunes, at least on the DIC, DO appear to make more mileage.

Can you switch the tunes on the fly or do you have to turn off the key first?
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