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2013 Chevrolet Duramax 2500HD LTZ
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Just installed an Enhanced TCM from Dan's Diesel Performance in Indiana: Dan's Diesel Performance

Both Dan, the owner, and Danny in Sales were extremely helpful and the process, to include purchase and installation could not have been any easier.

Here's what happened. Driving my 2013 Duramax LML a week ago and suddenly the truck lost power, alarms started ringing, CEL and traction control lights lit up in the dash, no indicator what gear the transmission was in, the DIC was indicating Service Traction Control, Service Stabilitrak, and Service Rear Park Control. Managed to limp home probably stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear and it really clunked when shifting between park, reverse, and drive. Had AAA tow my truck to the local Chevrolet dealership. I had checked for codes and found an U0101 (TCM not communicating) and an U0101 Pd. Had the dealership run diagnostics to rule out any other issues. Verdict- only needed to replace the TCM. They said they'd have me back on the road in a day for $1200. Told them "No thanks," paid the diagnostics charge, and had AAA tow it back home. Called Danny at DDP, provided him my VIN, and had one of their Enhanced TCMs in UPS the next day for $675 plus shipping. I opted for the cheapest shipping at $18.79 for ground from Illinois to Florida and had it in my hands four days later. Cleared any codes and after ten minutes to R&R the TCM - ready for the road so the Allison could re-learn. It was like magic! The DDP enhanced shift points are fantastic - I'm very pleased. As my sig block says, my truck is bone stock except for this Enhanced TCM.

If anyone experiences the symptoms above and is throwing DTC U0101, I most strongly recommend giving Danny at DDP a call and he'll take care of you. They also have quite a bit of other Duramax performance parts, so I might have to check out the rest of their website myself!

Happy driving!
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