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Installed a front and rear set of Duraflap Mud Guards last weekend. Ordered the lifted truck version with the kickback design to clear my 35 inch tires. The lifted truck version also allows for custom ordering the lower flap length. My truck is truly leveled, so I ordered a 12 inch length both front and rear leaving 9 inches of ground clearance (standard curb is 6 inches). Note that the lifted truck design is apparently designed for high offset wheels because I ended up cutting 2 inches off the front stainless mounting plates to match the mounting plate edge to the outside edge of my tires (see picture). Also note my aftermarket wheels are +18 offset which stick out 1 inch more than the stock rim offset. I also took the time to fabricate support brackets to tie the kick back mounting plates to the fenders and quarter panels under the truck (this stopped any flapping or twisting of the suspended portion of the mounting plates). Overall very happy with this product.


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