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Air intakes on the dmax offer no improve ment other than turbo sound until u get into the 500 rwhp range

Exhaust is a must as the egts can reach bad levels even stock on these truck if worked hard enough, removing the cat will offer most benifits but depends on your views about the air quality!!!!

chip/programers, will help fuel economy on mild tunes and even on extreeme tunes if you keep your foot out of it! if your worrid about warrenty issues stick with a harnesss type box like a edge or van aken so there is no traces left in the ecm when it is removed, most folks have no problem with warrenty when sing programers but if it came down to a pissing match with GM over a tuner they can see the last time the ecm was programed and they know if they did it or not.

Hope this helps some, any more questions i can help with just let me know!!
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