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Duramax deals

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I am in British Columbia Canada and I am having trouble getting a used Duramax truck for a fair price. I had one dealer with a 2001 3500 4*4 with 2 major accidents against it and the salesman told me I could have it for 28 grand and would NOT even let me make an offer.
I had another dealer offer me another 3500(dually) for 28 grand and the morning I went to buy it he told me I had to pay $30,000.00 because SOMEONE ELSE offered to pay 30 grand for it. This second price was AFTER the OWNER of the dealership told me I could have the truck for 28 grand. Can you sue a dealer for jacking up the price of a vehicle AFTER they offer it to you for a certain price? Also I am not able to find any duramax trucks for a fair price here-I have a copy of the gold book(like the Kelley blue book). The salesmen instantly get mad when I bring it out of my briefcase during negotiation. Is there a law against paying a fair price these days?lol
Any tips for a future first time duramax owner?:confused:
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I'm also in BC and just bought a 2003 Chev DMax with only 35,350 km. Had been looking for about 2 months. Salesman called me before it was even put on the lot ... I had to pay pretty well asking price to get it before the world got wind of it. So the moral is, be patient, and let as many dealers know what you want and hopefully they'll call you.
Have you checked ebay? I was looking last night and there are a few good deals on there now. Might beable to get one in america a little cheaper.

Are the prices that you gave in u.s currency or canadian?

I guess you got one based on your other thread. How do you like it so far?
I live in BC as well. I bought a 2004 3500 Dually Extended cab loaded (leather, the works, I don't think there's an option not on this truck, except running boards, that one is strange) for $29,000 US in Seattle. It had just under 30,000 km (17,000 miles) on the clock. By the time I got it across the border, it cost me $33,000 Can less tax. I figure I got a good deal.

I am going to document the procedure I went through to import it.

By the way I have a 94 ford 460 gasser to get rid of now. Only $33,000 Can.:rof
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Mine is good so far-I own a small hauling company and I own a 2004 Trailtech bobcat trailer. I pulled a skid steer loader last week on the trailer and the truck didn't struggle much to pull it. I can't hardly even tell the trailer is hooked to the truck when not hauling a machine.
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