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All I want is an under-hood light so I can see what is what in the engine bay at night. Strictly practical. Seems like somebody in the auto industry thought we didn't need one, cause hey"who needs to see under the hood in the dark anymore?" Gee I dunno, anyone, at night, maybe needs to add coolant or some such thing? In these places we have between cities where there are no street lights? I think they call them rural areas? Where most trucks are kept?
We get that request a lot! It's pretty surprising that manufacturers don't include those from the factory on soo many vehicles.

Our Single-Color Flexible 5050 SMD LED Strip is a great option for adding some light output under the hood. It does require some wiring, but absolutely gets the job done!

Jake H.
Diode Dynamics
41 - 42 of 42 Posts