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Is there a site where I can search for Duramax trucks that are for sale? I have tried the Kelly Blue Book site and eBay with poor results; i.e. very few listings.
We are looking for a pre-DPF truck (2007 or older?), 4WD, Regular cab, 2500 or 3500SRW. It could be a pickup or a cab-chassis. We want to put a flatbed on it. GMC or Chevy, either is OK.
Thanks for any/all replies.

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I found this website while looking for my truck:

Good luck.

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Welcome tot he forum! :drink

You had no luck on ebay?

Id try getting creative!

Go on ebay and type in "chevy diesel" Then enter the years in the left for what your looking for. Alot of people miss spell duramax or dont know the engine name if you put it in the search column. Id search ALL the craigs lists to... You might find a good deal there :D

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