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:help 2003 Silverado; 2500 HD with an LB7

Truck started throwing these codes a week ago:
0087 (fuel rail pressure too low), 0193 (fuel rail pressure low on power achievment), and 0194 (fuel rail power low on power achievment and deceleration).

Truck goes into limp mode cutting power and not going over 2000 rpm

Did balance test rates with scanner; talked to GM mechanic who says balnace rates from -4 to + 4 are good readings.

So after testing, all balance rates are good except for injector #7. Balance rates are supposed to be -4 to +4 mm3; have cylinder #7 reading at +6 mm3, none of the other injectors come above 1.8 mm3.

All injectors were changed 67,000 km ago (under warranty) Now truck is out of warranty. Thinking of changing only #7 injector. Is this a good idea or bad idea?

Wonder what you guys might think? Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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I would change it. IMO its worth a shot! It could be a fluke that one went bad since they were all replaces already. The others could last another 200,000 miles :rockin

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