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Flashlight Drags at Zelienople Airport. Saturday Aug 25th.

Setup is this: No time slips, no tree, just a hottie with a flashlight to start after a hand staging with cones. Lights at the end of 1/8 mile to tell the crowd (or driver if you really get whooped) who won.

I won 4 races, lost 1.


Dually Cummins (no other info, didn't get to talk to him)

He killed me off of the line but I ran him down, barely. My first run and my only one in 2wd.

2003 Cummins six speed with edge on "120"

Really no contest, I got him off of the line and pulled away. Beat him twice, very cool guy. "I just can't compete with that auto!" is what he said.

2008 Tundra, Stock

This was a FOF, he had been talking smack to mutual friends about how this truck was the fastest in the county.
I killed him off of the line and then killed him some more.

Note: His tourque management was crazy obvious, with transmission tuning this truck could be pretty quick.

Got beat by::help

86 or 87 short bed Chevy 1/2 ton 2wd running a 455 Olds bigblock, obviously wasn't a junkyard motor. Had Lunati stickers on the window, sounded very strong. Beat me by 1 to 2 lengths.

Didn't race::cool:

Cummins that trounced the 2wd Chevy with 455, I didn't need to have it proven to me.

All in all:

My first time on any kind of dragstrip, a total blast. I was hindered because of no tierod sleeves and having the T bars turned up. I launched from 1000-1500 rpm (I have no idea how much boost that is on my truck, guages coming soon).

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Cool,I want to make it up there one of these days!!!

if you ever see a red and silver ex cab 2nd cummins up there dont mess with him unless u can run mid 11's, he is a super nice guy though!!!

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sounds like fun,if i'm not mistaken i know the guy that built that cummins that you referred to..
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