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Dyno Day!!!

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a bunch of guys from another forum i belong too set up a dyno day at hi tech motorsports in ramsey, mn. here's some info if any of you are interested. gonna be mostly dodges there but everyone is welcome.

"When: Saturday October 21st, Starting at 9am.

This is a First come first serve event! Things have worked out in the past where people have swapped in the order. That can be worked out the day of.

Price: $50 a truck for 2 runs back to back. These are clean runs. Brian is the pilot and has done a great job in the past getting consistant numbers. We have also worked with him and learned how to spool larger chargers and twins. He may still need a little "work" on those, but he's willing to try.

Where: Hi Tech Motorsports. This will be the LAST event at this location! They will be moving to a new location the following weekend!
13915 Radium St is the address.

Again I will bring a Grill and charcoal. In years past Bart, Brian and the boys have ordered Pizza, but I wouldn't base my lunch on it. If you'd like to bring something to grill. It will be there.
Dually trucks, You must remove the outside Dual. Not a huge deal, there will be tools available to do so.
If you have a Duramax buddy or a PowerStroke fan that wants to see if they can walk the walk....have them come too."
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that sounds awesome.. i live in winona... unfortunatly i have to go to work on the 16th through nov. 20th... if you plan on getting another one going in the future shoot me a pm.
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