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I recently bought a LLY, completely stock. the previous owner did have the edge evolution with juice attitude on it, but when i bought it, it was not plugged in. after having it for a few weeks, i decided to plug it in, hoping to improve fuel economy. it lasted about a week or so, until the screen turned off out of nowhere while i was driving. i kept driving it, until the screen came back on, but when it came back on, it only showed engine temp at 66 degrees (ive been driving for a few hours now, it should have showed ~160). the truck then limped in 5th, leading me to unplug it and revert it back to stock. i left it stock for a few weeks, then tried plugging it back in again, in which after a week, the same thing occurred. what is going on? is it an issue with the connectors on the truck or the tuner? is it just a wiring issue? should i try to fix it or just get a new tuner all together?
Back then the EDGE juice with attitude. were junk. I hade two of them in different trucks.The company would not stand behind them. I threw them in the damm garbage.I will never buy another Edge product as lone as i live.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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