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I just sold my edge juice with attitude chip and helped the guy put it on, the chip is about 6 years old but worked just fine in my tuck. It worked fine on his for about 15 miles. Not breaking the tires loose, just making it smoke around about every corner. He pulled over to make sure all the wires were still in there place and not flying around or anything and it just died out of knowhere. it started up fine, and then took the next corner slow and died while driving about 100 yards later. It would not start up right away just cranked over. We got out and looked at everything. it all seemed fine, went to go try it again and it started up. He closed the hood and it died again. We unpluged the chip and put the factory harnesess back on and it started and drove the rest of the way to his house just fine. But the check engine light is now on. We are both clueless as to why this is doing this?
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