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Edge W/O Attitude For LB7 for sale

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Power Edge "Juice" Module for 2001-2004 LB7 DuraMax for sale.
Model #EJC1000 S/N 10021734
Ver 4.73i

Without Attitude Monitor, Weatherproof, The Edge Juice Module greatly improves responsiveness and driveability, while at the same time increasing fuel economy. It monitors the transmission slippage. This item has worked perfectly. It is in good shape. It truly brings the engine alive and makes the engine more responsive!

This module has the cable hook-up where the optional Edge Attitude Display module gets connected. Plus the two connectors for the EGT thermocouple connections. The instruction manual is also included.

Level 1: 40 HP 150 TQ
Level 2: 60 HP 180 TQ
Level 3: 75 HP 220 TQ
Level 4: 90 HP 250 TQ

Price is $310.00, which includes shipping. I can accept credit card, bank, and PayPal payments online. No need to send a check. If you are interested, please email me, [email protected].
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Why are you selling it?

I also, have the same Juice module and as you say it work wonders. But why are you selling it? Is it because of issues with GM and warranty issues. Is there any one who has one of these devices installed had warranty issues? If so what issues were encountered?

Lloken ;)
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