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Ok so, I am very new to the diesel truck world. I've only owned this truck about a week.. Did not really beat on her much at all. Just put in a MBRP Turbo Outlet Pipe, MBRP 4" Turbo back and the EFi Live DSP 5 setup. It is a LMM 2007.5 Crew Cab. Anyways, We installed all the parts, and uploaded the map, on version RC4. Everything seemed to go smooth, truck started up, worked well, no Check Engine codes. Drove it around for 100 miles, first i noticed the shifting was very delayed, almost like the truck was hitting almost 3500 rpms and sitting up there about 2 seconds while it engaged the shift. People said the Tranny needs to relearn. So i just drove it for the 100 miles, it seemed to get better.

So all is well for the most part, i put the truck on the 110hp map. Then i went to my buddy who has a 2006 3500 dually. He has just a flash in his truck at 120hp and thats it. No exhaust or anything. When he hits his gas he can lay a stretch down the block.

When i floor my truck my tires never even spin the whole time. he said it almost feels like the truck is on a stock tune with full exhaust. now my problem is i dont know how to tell if the DSP 5 is selecting different maps, or whats engaged. I am soo new to the software i was trying to figure things out and i was just lost. So the truck drives fine, no codes or anything just doesnt feel like its making alot of power. To me it does but to him he thinks it should be alot faster.

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