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im looking to buy efi live, idk who from.
i need someone to give me some good vendors or whatever you wouldd call them.
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A few of our vendors sell EFI live. Check out Idahorob. Hes grest when it comes to EFI :cool:


and the list goes on and on. The prices will be nearly the same from all of them. If one of them is close enough to tune your truck, get it from them. Otherwise pick your fancy. Rob has some great tunes.
Husker Diesel!!!

Jess is da man.
it just depends who you buy it from nick at duramaxtuner is good so is rob also so is mike mmlmm counting i am not a vendor on here i cant say were to really go :)
Put in a price request in the vendors jungle here. Then talk to each vendor and see who can meet your needs the best. We have a bunch of good tuners here so it is ultimatley up to you.
IdahoRob gets my vote!
Other options would include dsp switches. These allow you to switch your "active" tune on the fly. They come in 2 position and 5 position. KillerBee also has keyed switches so you can lock a tune if someone else were to borrow your ride.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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