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Hey guys, not to :horse1 but have some EGR questions that hopefully haven't been answered.

So I have LBZ and want to block off the EGR using the PPE plate and fingerstick.

1)Will this affect the CA smog process? I know there is alot of unknowns in regard to CA smog but will the be able to detect the plate and fingerstick? Visually I will clean it up real nice so you dont even see it, but can they tap into my computer and see the fingerstick has been installed?

2) I have 40K left on a extended warranty. Will blocking the EGR/using the fingerstick leave traces on my ECM detectable by GM?

I am also going to put on TB 5" straight pipe and throw on the stock stuff for SMOG. Gotta be able to dump smoke on all the hippies and their priuses, there fault we have this SMOG garbage. Thanks!
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