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Hey guys, I have an 03 2500 LB7, and I believe I have a short somewhere. My gauges will stay inactive sometimes when I start it and I have to re-start it 3 times in some cases to get them to turn on. My LCD screen works. I had the gauges rebuilt before when they all bit the dust, and when they come on there are no issues, but when I start it, they will go down for that split second when you are turning it over, and then they will stay down. I think it has to be a short. Sometimes it will be just fine.

I don't know if it could all be related, but my blower fan goes on and off as well. It actually hasn't worked in a few days now. I have seen a few threads about the plug melting, but haven't gotten around to checking it yet. Relay maybe??

My LCD screen pops up with low coolant level but I have already checked that and its good, maybe need a sensor, and I guess while off-roading I cut my oil level plug on the bottom of the pan so I get a check oil level prompt when I start as well. I am hoping to re-wire that, and finally when I start the truck my airbag light blinks 4-6 times, can't remember exactly how many times.

I know its a lot of crap, but its the little things getting to me. Any input would be VERY MUCH appreciated........(and no....I can't replace the truck)LOL
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