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Electrical Problems

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Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has had the same electrical issues I've been having. In May I purchased a 2003 2500HD crewcab. Recently I have been having weird electrical problems. First, the rear passenger window won't roll down, so I think no biggie, the motors out. Then I notice the rear speakers won't work. I think the rear radio controller is somehow damaged. Then I start noticing that the drivers seat won't stay in the proper position. It seem like every time I set the seat position is slowly changes everytime I get in the vehicle. My husband has noticed this issue as well. Now I am having issues with the door locks. I have it set to lock the doors when it is put in gear, so it locks. But then while driving down the road it unlocks for no reason. Also, it is sometimes locking and unlocking the doors while I wait for the plugs to warm up.

Anyone else notice issues like this? Know what is causing it?

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I have yet to have electrical problems. Hope you find the cause. Gosh theres alot of wire in these trucks. A man could spend a week troubleshooting.
Some how i bet all these things are controled by the body controle module (bcm) just a shot in the dark but maybe its bad!!!
Yeah, I would start there....the only problem that I have with mine is the right rear window won't roll down when I remote start my truck. After I put my key in the ignition and take over from the remote starter, everything works fine. Have you ever changed your batteries?? are they still factory ones? Stranger things have happened and have turned out to be batteries.
I too think you should have the batteries checked. Todays vehicles require lots of amperage from the batteries, and weak batteries do cause weird problems from the computers.
Lets see transfer case control module, glow plugs, glow plug control module, oh and the best for last, short in the main wiring harness.
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