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Engine full of Fuel !!!!!!

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:help My 2002 Silverado LT HD just failed...I noticed the oil pressure dropping while on the highway pulled into a GMC dealer...Tells me a fuel line broke or injector broke. Filled engine sump with fuel...Many thousands to repair. Service manager says GM is aware of the problem extended the warrantee...I'm not covered because my failure came 4 months too late...They said I'm under the mileage limit , I'm at 113K...any help out there? any suggestions?...I was on the road in Ohio..Had to leave the truck. Going to the dealer where I bought the truck on Monday. Hopefully they can help...Man I am sour about this...I take care of this truck looks like new...How could I have seen this coming?...How do I keep it from happening again?...:help
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run additive in every tank and try to get fuel from high traffic areas...otherwise it just happens
all 01-04 have injector problems and can fail at any time..
its going to cost you around 5k sorry to say it to you
and the injectors will always fail in the LB7's there is just no given stand point for when they will.
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