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Engine Hour Poll

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Just curious your mileage, hours, and year of truck. Want to see if mine are average.

173K, 5100 hours, and its a 2008.
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Ball joints about 375,000. Did a turbo about 420,000. Transfer case about 650,000. Head gasket at 710,000. Water pump at 750,000. Rear end bearings at 850,000. Definitely can’t complain.
Thats not bad at all! What about fuel system? Factory injectors? Still using the CP4?
Still original injectors and cp4 pump. Even still have the original alternator and a/c compressor. I did delete the truck at 200k.
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2006, 275k, 89**hrs
When I bought my 13 it had 135,000 miles and over 8,000 hours.

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2015.5 LTZ ppei tuned by Kory Deleted dpf, egr and airdog lift pump 79,000 miles 11,980 engine hours.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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