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Hey guys finally buttoning up the install of the new LLY engine. Well first off if anyone has pictures of the LLY like every aspect of it sitting in the engine compartment please post them or email them to me at [email protected]
It would be greatly appreciated as I have lost mine due to my phone crashing on me. So Im trying to get the harnesses as close as possible. My next thing is I had purchased a 2.6 charger from Daneville performance and also purchased the All season full bridge EGR kit. Well my first complaint is I cant get the factory Hot side pipe to line up with the intercooler and turbo at the same time. I just cant see what im doing wrong. My next complain is that do I need an aftermarket cold pipe to fit that EGR delete bridge? Because there is no way Im going hook that little intercooler pipe up to a 3 inch bridge
It would be greatly appreciated if someone could get me pictures of every aspect of the engine as far as harnesses and piping goes. Other than that those are the only three issues im having. Im trying to button this up tonight thanks.
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