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Just got back from a rounder, towing a relatively lightly loaded trailer. (~7,000lbs.)

Just get on the road, probably 200 miles into the trip. 18,000 miles on the truck. Check engine light comes on. Nothing seems to be out of whack, truck is running fine. I am a little nervous, since we just left on a 6500 mile trip. I call the janky onstar thing and have them do a diagnostic check. They come back with some bs about how the pressure reading in the turbo was off, but it seems to be running ok. I finally get to me destination and take it into a dealership. (New Jersey) They tell me that their is a service bulletin out about some seal or something on the Turbo, but they cant do the work that day. They tell me I can make it back home (washington) just fine. And they reset the dash light. The light came back on 200 miles into the trip home. Any insight to this??

Also, the whole while the engine temp would rise noticeably on any incline, but only when the outside temp was 80 degrees or higher. I could see the needle onteh guage go from 12 o'clock (normal) to 2 o'clock, and then that auxillary fan would kick on and it would come right back down to normal. This seemed really odd to me, and I hadnt seen this before. It was not that hot out, and it was not that big of a load. Any intel?


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