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engine shaking with no codes. help!!!

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my 2004 lb7 duramax with 144k has over the past 6months developed a vibration or shake at idle the tack stays at a constant 680rpms. i replaced the fuel filter about 2k ago and the injectors where done about 14k ago. im at a lose because i have no codes and it seams as if there is a miss because the engine is shaking back and forth and advice or insight would be deeply appreciated. hell if some one points me in the right direction i would be willing to through them a little cash there way
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watch your belt between the balancer and the tensioner. Look through the passenger's side wheel well and see if the belt is shaking. I had an issue where I am 99.9% sure the dealer broke a chunk out of my balancer. Take a really good look at the inside ring. Here is a picture of mine:

I just lucked out and the broke out section was on the bottom the day I took a picture of it. The next day when I shut the truck off it was at the top and I had to look at it for awhile before I saw it.

It could also be your FPR causing the issue too if you dont see your belt shaking .
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