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Engine Ticking Noise

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I had my new LBZ GMC K2500HD in for its first oil change the other day and was mentioning to the mechanic at GM about a ticking noise comeing from the rear of the drivers side front wheel well.
The mechanic could hear it as well and we investigated by taking a brand new Duramax out for a drive to warm it up so we could see if the same noise could be heard on it . We could not hear the same noise from this truck so while my truck was in for its routine maintenace visit they found a bulletin regarding this noise.

*** Bulletin number 02-06-01-022F (section 06 - engine /propulsion system) 11/30/2006 ***

It says in short................

This noise is caused by the relationship of the engine cylinder block, crankshaft journals, bearing inserts and the oil film. This relationship may allow a vibration that resonates through the cylinder block and is heard as a metallic ticking noise. The noise could be described as an irregular ticking or clacking sound, like random typing on a mechanical typewriter.
All Duramax diesel engines have this condition, however, some are more audible than others.
Testing and engine teardowns with this condition reveal no condition that would affect reliability or durability of this engine.
Dealers should not attempt to compare any customer vehicles exhibiting this noise with other similar vehicles as the noise is different form vehicle to vehicle.
This noise is a normal operating characteristic of the engine. This noise has no short or long term effects on the engine . Do not attempt repairs for this noise.

info numbers :

GMC 1-800-462-8782 USA
1-800-263-3777 Canada

Chev. 1-800-222-1020 USA


:mad: Are we getting told a bunch of corporate BS !! ( like the GM " knock " in gas engines ) or is this the truth and there is no problem to worry about ??

hope this helps................ :confused:
Fenmor , from Vancouver
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thanks for the heads up,think i'll check it out on my truck allthough i never noticed that it had a ticking noise

Engine noise most audible when engine coolent temps of 70 C or 158 F , or higher and from idle to approx. 1500 RPM.
Make sure your out of your truck and down by the front drivers wheel well.
** This applies to all Duramax 6.6 engines ** LBZ , LB7 , LLY , LMM

They claim that all engines have this noise , just that its more audible in some than others.
thanks,i'll try that right now.
I know the noise.....My truck dose it while my wifes truck dose not??? Mine has done it since new and now has 36000 very hard miles on it!!!!!!

THanx for the info!
you are right it does have a ticking,the 05 lly has 90k miles and never had any troulbe with it.
If I have to get down by the front wheel before I hear this noise, it is not what I would consider a problem!
Mine has it too. I noticed it the other day and my gf was wondering what it was. Thanks for the info. Now I can just drive it!

my 01 lb7 has the same issue, usually when cold also. I had never had a problem though
This sounds like it has something to do with the EGR system. My LBZ used to tick as well, but When I added my EGR blockoff plate I haven't knoticed it much...I'll check it sometime.
My 07 with 12,000 miles has made this noise since new. Doesn't do it all the time but it does especially on cold starts.
Yeah, my guess is it having something to do with the EGR when it is warming up.
Mine also has it - When I can hear it over the diesel "clatter" - no problem so far.....
i just noticed mine making the noise about 2 weeks ago
check out this link - re ticking noise

check out this link for info on noise.
Mine ticks from 1500 to 2200 rpm or so, is it the same thing? I really hear it when driving by parked cars or jersey walls. I hate the tick so much in my LB7 I want to sell my truck for an 04 or 05.
I just noticed my 05 makes the noise, so you better check it out before you buy
Sounds like "typewriter"-- Normal Dmax noise- no worries.:cool
I have an 04, it does the same thing, have read many posts, one said the oil gets bubbly and its the bubbles popping when pushed back thru the system because of the high oil pressure in the 04, I run at about 70 p.s.i at 70 mph ?? thats what is said, I have not had any problems with mine as of yet and all post I have read say not to worry, its inherent to the motor. Nothing I have found says its a problem
I know this is a old thread, but my truck had never made this noise before. But now that i got it back from the head job i am getting this noise. However mine is on the passenger side of the engine not the drivers. Would this ticking be the same noise that everyone else is hearing on the drivers.
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