If you have a vehicle that does any sort of towing, you want to protect your trailer and its contents from would-be thieves. We have teamed up with the folks at Altor to give away the best trailer lock on the market – the Altor SAF Trailer lock.

To participate, just click the Enter Now button below and fill out the short survey. The contest ends on January 6, 2023 so don’t delay.

Featuring a hardened steel shackle encased in a large-diameter aluminum shell that is too much most any portable grinder to get through, the SAF Trailer Lock is just built different. Beyond it’s nearly indestructible shell (Altor chose aluminum, as it is a soft metal that tends to gum up grinding wheels), none other than YouTube’s Lockpicking Lawyer says he wouldn't hesitate to use it.

For the purposes of this promotion, the winner will receive an Altor SAF Trailer Lock. The selected winner will be contacted after the contest closes. The SAF Trailer Lock will be shipped to the winner. This contest is open to USA residents only.

For the official rules, restrictions, and other legalese, please click: AutoGuide.com – Altor SAF Trailer Lock – Rules and Regulations. So don’t wait! Enter now.